We are eager to see you at the Birmingham Homeschool Fair in 2016.  Check back often to see our list of exhibitors and the fun that our day will bring.

If you are a current homeschool family, we invite you to join the Birmingham Homeschoolers Community. We offer opportunities to share and connect both online and in person.

Please use the Twitter/Facebook share buttons to share your favorite parts of this day! Interested in a social media contest for extra door prize tickets?  Visit our Facebook event page for details in the Discussion.

Special thanks to our sponsors:  
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Genesis School of Music

DRUMS>GUITAR>KEYBOARD>VOICE>VIDEO. Genesis School of Music is only in its third year, yet we have over 100 students and have expanded into the public and private school systems, the YMCA and community centers — currently meeting at five different locations. Genesis offers group and private studies, focusing on the art of the instrument and performance. However, we also work on stage development, arts and instruction, dramatic and arts creativity — and more. FOR HOMESCHOOLERS...we offer a FREE Homeschool Choir, every Tuesday morning at 10:10 AND a Homeschool Fitness Program (because a "good musician is a fit musician") every Thursday at 1:00. For more infomation, www.GENESISalabama.com.

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